What Are the Best 4K TVs in 2018?

Until recently, buying a 4K TV was a difficult and somewhat unreasonable decision – most people believed the future belonged to plasma, and what is more, 4K content was hard to come by. Well, the past is the past. Also known as Ultra HD, 4K technology has transcended the scope of its niche and has become the 4x improvement your TVs have been anticipating.

Now is the best time to buy one! Read on to find out which the best 4K TVs in 2018 are!

Sony XF90 Series

This is the best mid-range Ultra HD on the market right now, retailing for $1798 on Amazon. It features remarkable contrast, superb motion handling, and premium remote quality. Each and every one of the improvements Sony has made to the XE90 series of 2017, such as enhanced brightness, better processing, and a higher number of backlight dimming zones is here, resulting in picture quality that gives many higher-end products a run for their money.

Samsung Q9FN QLED

Retailing for $3297.99 on Amazon, it’s just the price keeping this one at No. 2. It boasts amazing HDR picture quality, a user-friendly smart system, strong, well-balanced sound, and optimal brightness. Although Samsung’s QLED technology didn’t exactly debut impressively, this was remedied in good time, and the Q9FN is more colorful and brighter than last year’s model. The screens on this TV use a lighting system that’s completely different from that of the previous model to resolve contrast problems. Instead of edge-lit LED screens, Samsung has opted for Full Array Local Dimming, with a panel working in tandem with Quantum Dots.


Our third choice, available on Amazon for $2996.99, is the best entry-level 4K TV option. It features amazing picture quality, optimal HDR peak brightness, a highly effective smart platform, and a host of other attractive functions. On the downside, it’s a bit more expensive than last year’s LG B7 OLED model. This model was very popular with consumers, who found it to be the pinnacle of well-priced OLED technology. In 2018, LG made the C-series its flagman at the expense of the B-Series. The price increase is warranted, whether we like it or not: LG’s C8 does deliver astounding HD/SDR images and truly remarkable 4K/HDR pictures, building on the success of last year’s models.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our brief, to-the-point review of the best 4K TVs this year!

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