Macbook 2018 Release Date: News and Rumors

As Apple avoided unveiling their MacBook 2018 at WWDC, we suppose this is going to happen at their special event on September 12th.

Rumored Premiere

The fact that various rumors about the premiere have been surfacing over the past couple of months seems to support this assumption. These rumors have pointed to five different MacBook release events in 2018, with the MacBook Pro 2018 accounting for two of them, which leaves three. We have also heard some speculations that Apple’s cheaper MacBook will be unveiled in October, leaving two.


The previous models of MacBook Pro are available at Apple’s website and also at select Apple stores and authorized resellers. The launch of the MacBook Pro hasn’t been unproblematic, although Apple has already made progress towards fixing one major issue: speakers. Read more about it below.


The new MacBook Pro appears to be having troubles with regard to its speakers. There have been reports on Reddit and YouTube about this problem. Some posts claim that sounds are distorted even at a relatively low volume. Drivers and firmware have been blamed for this.

Overheating & Performance Issues

With the arrival of the new series of MacBook Pro laptops, reports surfaced that the machines were suffering from performance issues during heavy processing. In response, Apple released a remedy for the throttling issue on July 25th in the form of a supplemental update. This supplemental update is quite bulky – 3.55GB – but the important thing is that it does appear to fix the issue that caused the new MacBook Pro to excessively throttle when carrying out CPU-demanding tasks.


The new MacBook 2018 comes with a wide array of configuration options. The updated 13-inch models are all equipped with the Touch Bar. Fair enough – without it they would be no different from their 2017 forerunners. Their retail price starts at £1,749 in the UK and $1,799 in the US. That’s just as much as the price of the cheapest Touch Bar from the previous generation. The 15-inch models, again diligently fitted with Touch Bar controls, have retail prices starting at £2,349 in the UK, and $2,399 in the US, just as in 2017.

Much Awaited Premiere

Whatever MacBook 2018 looks like, let’s just hope it does premiere by the end of this year and doesn’t depart from its core values. Either way, its premiere is going to be the hottest IT event this year for sure.

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